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Hi Girls!

Girlspiration is your go-to place for encouragement, confidence, true Girl Power stories and important reminders filled with positivity & love. Being a girl isn't easy sometimes and the pressures can be overwhelming. BUT, here's the great news! You are never alone!! When I was cyber-bullied in middle school I felt alone and wished their had been an organization like Girls Above Society. At age 15, I created and founded Girls Above Society and 13 years later, (SO exciting) I'm still on a mission to give every girl the tools and mentorship needed to become confident, kind and cyber-smart. 

Sometimes we just need our voices to be heard along with a gigantic boost to keep going and focus on the good. I'm covering it all here in Girlspiration. Girl Drama, Friendships, Social Media, Pressures, and the list goes on and on. 

Have an idea or want to hear my thoughts on a certain topic? Connect with us! Your idea/story just might be featured! Click on the Girls Above Society logo at the top of this page. It will re-direct you to our home page. You'll find our contact info at the bottom of the page. We're excited to hear from you!

XOXO Lauren


In today's digital age, social media has become an integral part of our lives, especially for teen girls. It's a platform where we share our thoughts, experiences, and moments with the world. However, it's important to remember that true strength lies not in the number of followers, likes, or comments we receive, but in the quiet accomplishments we achieve on our personal journey. As girls navigating this landscape, it's important to find a balance between the virtual world and our own sense of self-worth and authenticity. Do we get lost in the translation? Do we use social media for the right reasons?

Social media serves various purposes for different individuals. Some use it purely for fun and games, sharing memes, videos, and enjoying interactions with friends. Others treat it as a virtual scrapbook, preserving cherished memories through photos and posts which is my personal purpose. However, there are those who use it to exert power over peers or create an image that may not necessarily reflect their true selves. This can lead to a distorted sense of self-worth and authenticity.

Embracing true strength means seeking authenticity in every aspect of our lives, including our online presence. While it's natural to desire validation through comments and likes, relying solely on these external factors for our self-esteem can be detrimental. Instead, focusing on personal goals, achievements, and inner confidence can lead to a more fulfilling sense of self-worth.

Quiet accomplishments are the achievements that matter most, even if they're not broadcasted to the world. It could be mastering a new skill, achieving a personal goal, or overcoming a challenge. These accomplishments build a super strong foundation of self-assurance and resilience, forming the core of our identity. By focusing on these quiet victories, we cultivate a sense of pride that doesn't depend on social media validation.

In the realm of social media, where the lines between authenticity and projection can become blurred, it's not uncommon to come across individuals who post about "haters." These posts often serve as a defense mechanism and a cry for attention, revealing a complex connection between self-perception, external validation, and the need for protection. As teen girls navigating this digital landscape, it's important to take a closer look into the motivations behind these behaviors and explore healthier ways of coping with negativity.

Some girls find themselves posting about personal situations online in a quest for sympathy, often fueled by the presence of perceived "haters." These girls seek a supportive response from their online friends/followers, using their experiences as a way to receive empathy and understanding. While the desire for compassion is natural, it's very important to recognize that this behavior can be a coping mechanism, a plea for validation, or a means of gaining a sense of control in the face of negativity. It's important to figure out what's truly beneficial and what might contribute to feelings of vulnerability or inadequacy. Finding a balance between sharing for connection and maintaining our privacy brings us one step closer to being Girls Above Society.

Instead of resorting to projecting negativity onto others and/or seeking attention when we feel we've been "wronged" here are some healthier ways to cope with criticism and negativity on social media:

  1. Self-Reflection: Taking a moment to reflect on your own feelings and reactions can help you gain a better understanding of your motivations and triggers. This self-awareness can lead to personal growth and improved emotional resilience.

  2. Positive Self-Talk: Developing a strong sense of self-worth through positive self-talk and self-compassion can help counteract the impact of negative comments or perceived criticism.

  3. Selective Sharing: While sharing experiences can be therapeutic, being selective about what you share and why you're sharing it can promote authenticity and reduce the tendency to seek external validation. Posting about rising above the haters brings attention but is it healthy attention? Rising above by doing good offline is a sign on what authenticity and self worth stands for, aka Girls Above Society!

  4. Offline Support: Building a support system of friends, family, and mentors who provide genuine encouragement and guidance can offer a more grounded and sustainable source of validation. One of my faves!

  5. Mindful Social Media Use: Engaging with social media mindfully involves recognizing its limitations and consciously deciding when and how to interact with the platform.

GIRLS!! We have the power to redefine what true strength means in a world dominated by social media. It's not about the loudest voice or the most likes; it's about the quiet accomplishments that shape us into confident, resilient individuals. By prioritizing our personal growth, authenticity, and positive self-worth, we can navigate social media with a sense of purpose and grace, and ultimately create a more meaningful and fulfilling journey both online and offline.

Remember girls, true strength comes from within, and finding balance between online interactions and genuine self-esteem is the key to thriving in this digital age.


Hey, amazing girls out there! Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with girl power and endless fun? Revenge may seem like a tempting option when we feel wronged, but guess what? I've got something even better in store for you! In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of rewiring our thoughts on revenge and instead, unleashing your true potential, embracing fun-filled adventures, and nurturing your self-esteem. So, grab your favorite glittery pen and let's discover the secrets to leading confident lives full of laughter and positive vibes!

The Playful Pitfalls of Revenge

Let's be real, girls, revenge might seem like a tempting plot twist in life's rollercoaster, but it can often lead to more drama and headaches. It's time to break free from the cycle and unlock your inner superheroine. Here's why revenge might not be the best choice:

  1. Dancing to Your Own Beat: Revenge distracts you from dancing to the rhythm of your own life. It's like trying to bust out your dance moves while wearing shoes that are two sizes too small. Let go of revenge and focus on your passions, dreams, and the things that make you dance with pure happiness.

  2. Rockin' Emotional Freedom: Revenge can be emotionally exhausting, like spinning on a merry-go-round that never stops. Embrace your emotional freedom by shifting your focus to positivity and happiness. Choose to ride the rollercoaster of joy, not the carousel of dizziness and grudges.

  3. Sisterhood Over Sabotage: Seeking revenge on other girls only creates divisions and spreads negative vibes. Let's flip the script! Choose sisterhood over sabotage, and together we can build a generation of fierce, supportive friendships that lift each other up.

Now that we've tossed revenge aside like yesterday's soggy sandwich, it's time to unleash your ultimate girl power! Get ready to sprinkle some glitter and step into a world where fun, confidence, and self-esteem reign supreme.

  1. Embrace Your Inner Wonder Woman: Celebrate your unique talents, quirks, and passions. You're a one-of-a-kind superheroine, and the world needs your incredible powers. Embrace who you are and rock it with pride! Trust me on this's truly a secret key to rising above all the negativity!

  2. Laughter, the Superpower: Laughter is like a magic potion that can instantly transform any situation. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Seek out fun-filled adventures, share silly jokes, and dance like nobody's watching! I love spending time with my friends just laughing and really having great conversation. Something awesome happens when we laugh. We feel like a yummy melty marshmallow inside. Fun Facts: Laughing is a stress relief, improves your immune system, releases pain, improves your mood and improves your intake of oxygen which is super important for your entire body's health! If you don't believe me you can check out this article from Mayo Clinic .

  3. Action-Fueled Adventure: Replace revenge with action-fueled adventures that will make your heart race and your spirit soar. Try new hobbies, explore the great outdoors, or participate in community service. Unleash your curiosity and let it lead you to amazing new experiences. All of these ideas are WAY better than calculating revenge. :)

  4. Rise Above Drama: When drama tries to steal the spotlight, rise above it like a true superstar. Surround yourself with positive energy, and if negativity comes knocking at your door, show it the exit. Focus on uplifting conversations and building bridges, rather than tearing them down. Sometimes drama creeps up and it can be really hard to dodge. When another friend wants to spread drama, quickly tell her that you really are trying so hard to get away from the drama and shift the convo super quick and ask her what she's doing this weekend. I have personally found that this really stop the drama in it's tracks and if your friend doesn't understand that you're trying to be a better person and rise above then it might be time to re-evaluate your friendship! Getting rid of the drama that surrounds you takes time but I can promise you in the end, you'll be SO glad that you no longer are wasting time on negativity but instead freeing up time for authentic friends who empower each other.

Letting Your Confidence Shine

  1. Rock the Runway: Strut your stuff and embrace your unique style. Dress in outfits that make you feel authentic, whether it's a fierce superhero costume or a comfy pair of jeans. Embrace your inner fashionista and let your confidence shine through your personal style. When we feel good, we do good and that's a fact.

  2. Believe in the Power of You: Replace self-doubt with self-belief. Remind yourself daily that you are capable of achieving greatness. Repeat empowering mantras, stick positive affirmations on your mirror, and trust in your abilities to conquer the world. This truly sums up why I created Girls Above Society. I want every girl in this world to have this mindset. I love positive mantras on my mirror ~ Daily reminders jumpstart my day!

  3. Unleash Your Voice: Speak up, speak out, and let your voice be heard. Whether it's in school, your community, or on a larger platform, your opinions matter. Embrace your unique perspective and use your voice to inspire positive change.

  4. The Squad of Superstars: Surround yourself with a tribe of incredible girls who support and uplift one another. Celebrate each other's victories, lend a helping hand, and be each other's biggest cheerleaders. Together, you are an unstoppable force! I saved this one for last because you are who you surround yourself with...remember that!

Hey, fabulous girls! Revenge might seem like a tempting plot twist, but there's a whole world of fun, adventure, and girl power waiting for you. By choosing to let go of revenge, embracing your unique self, and nurturing your self-esteem, you can create a life filled with laughter, positivity, and endless opportunities. So, put on your superhero cape, grab your besties, and let's embark on a journey where fun and fearlessness lead the way. Remember, you're capable of anything and everything you set your mind to. Let your light shine bright and inspire the world around you with your radiant girl power!

Dear Awesome Girls,

Hey there, rockstars! This letter is for each and every one of you who has ever felt like you're not good enough. Well, guess what? You are more than good enough, you are absolutely fantastic just the way you are! It's time to unleash your inner confidence and let go of any negativity in your life. Are you ready to nix the negativity and surround yourself with authentic girls who bring out the best in you? Let's do this!!

Here are some super cool tips to help you rock your confidence and girl power game:

  1. Embrace your fabulous quirks: You know what makes you one-of-a-kind? Your quirks! Whether you have a secret dance move or a knack for telling funny jokes, embrace your unique qualities and let your true colors shine. There's no one else like you so let your authenticity flow!

  2. Unleash your superpowers: Everyone has superpowers, and it's time to discover yours! Are you an incredible artist, an amazing soccer player, or a fearless problem solver or a super awesome friend? Focus on what you're great at and use those powers to conquer the world.

  3. Squad goals: Surround yourself with the most awesome girls who love and support you for who you are. Look for friends who are genuine, kind, and always have your back. Together, you can create an unstoppable squad that lifts each other up and has the most epic adventures!

  4. Bye-bye, negativity! Wave goodbye to any negative vibes that bring you down. Kick negativity to the curb and make room for positivity and happiness in your life. Dance it out, sing it loud, and let positivity be your jam!

  5. Treat yourself like a superstar: You deserve the VIP treatment, so don't forget to take care of yourself. Pamper yourself with bubble baths, indulge in your favorite treats, and wear clothes that make you feel like a superstar. Even taking some time to yourself to just read your fave book gives self love a place in your life.

  6. Goal-getter queen: Set goals that make your heart dance with excitement. Whether it's learning a new instrument, mastering a cartwheel, or starting a cool project, break those goals into smaller steps and celebrate each milestone you reach. You're a goal-getter, and nothing can stop you!

  7. Sparkle with self-love: Shower yourself with oodles of self-love and kindness. Treat yourself like your own best friend and give yourself pep talks in the mirror. Remember, you're incredible just the way you are, and there's no one else quite like you. You're a shining star!

Girls, remember this...In a world that tries to define your worth by impossible standards, remember that your true value lies within. Embrace your journey of growth, for it is through overcoming challenges that you discover your strength and resilience. Don't let self-doubt dim your inner light; instead, let it fuel your determination to prove yourself wrong. Believe in your limitless potential, for you are capable of achieving greatness beyond measure. Embrace your uniqueness, for it is in being authentically yourself that you inspire others and leave an indelible mark on the world. XOXO Lauren

Insta Love 

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