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What is SWUCY?

SWUCY is 2020's answer to on-the-go girl empowerment! Are you looking for a quick, fun, easy to administer curriculum that sparks important girl-to-girl conversations even during times of social distancing? We've got your girls covered! SWUCY's 5-week club is perfect for counselors/teachers to administer during lunch time AND for parents/caregivers at home. We've combined our signature GIRL TALK Curriculum research/data and created a unique girl's club for elementary and middle school girls. We can't wait to give your girls an extra boost of self-esteem and digital awareness to be confident, kind and cyber-smart!



Give girls a unique girl-to-girl space that allows them to share their voice and discuss the pressures they are facing in today's media driven society. A young girl's self-esteem peaks at age 9. We're on a mission to improve the current statistics as we empower today's young girls to be confident, kind & cyber-smart! In partnership with schools, corporations, and at Girls Above Society events, we focus on the development of improving self-esteem, confidence and leadership, and cyber safety for young girls. She learns to value herself, foster positive friendships, and discover and develop her inherent strengths. The combination of long-lasting mentoring relationships, a girl-to-girl environment, and research-based programming equips girls to navigate the tough pressures of today's media driven society and educate them to be use their digital world for good.  


Today's landscape amongst girls can be encompassing of toxic drama that in turn, creates anxiety in areas such as friendship, self-esteem, FOMO, and body image. SWUCY is exclusively designed to administer during lunch at school and within homeschooling pods. SWUCY gives girls an introductory sneak peek into our full GIRL TALK Curriculum that includes leadership, self-esteem, positivity, friendship and digital safety elements. 


"Elementary and Middle School can be tough! I believe in girls learning to appreciate one another and building each other up by being confident in who they are, and kind and compassionate to others, instead of tearing each other down. I know first hand how important it is for us girls to feel good about being our most authentic self."  Empowering girls to know and understand their self-worth is crucial, especially with the tough pressures of today's media driven society." ~ Lauren Galley 

SWUCY ELEMENTS: DYK (Did you know? Research), Q&A, Positivity, Heart, and Challenge

are the key elements for SWUCY. We provide five unique experiences that initiate the crucial need for face-to-face peer conversations!

What does SWUCY stand for?  All girls who participate in SWUCY learn the meaning at their first initial gathering. The anticipation is part of the fun! Rest assured, SWUCY is 100% positive for all girls.