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Kissing Frogs
Steps to Success: An Empowerment Guide
Dating can be a drag and navigating the dangerous waters of relationship building can lead you on a journey to teenage catastrophe. How can a girl successfully make it through unscathed? Well, super teenage mentor Lauren Galley has the solution. Kissing Frogs: In Search of Prince Charming is the follow up to her #1 Amazon Bestseller smash debut Steps to Success An Empowerment Guide Girls Above Society, where Lauren gives you the tips and advice you need to help you safely land on the other side and find happiness. Within in these twelve chapters, Lauren shares her experience in the ups and downs, highs and lows, peaks and valleys of what the average girl experiences in the game of dating and stresses the importance of loving and being yourself; letting people know the real you so that you'll never have to live up to the expectations of someone you're not. She outlines the quality traits that mark the difference between frogs and princes and puts you in the best position to achieve dating euphoria. Endorsements: "Lauren Galley's intelligent writing provides a comfortable environment in which to have real conversations, including role playing and games (similar to acting exercises) that bring out true emotions." Cylk Cozart -Award Winning Hollywood Actor, producer, writer and philanthropist "Lauren's book is an easy read full of practical actionable advice for this ultra-sensitive age group. It is a peer-to peer conversation, and as such, far more acceptable to the target audience than advice given by adults. I would strongly recommend this book for all Teens, Tweens and their Parents." Christos Effesiou - Author of CDO Chief Dadd "Growing up in the media age has put a whole different kind of pressure on teens and tweens. Many youth lose their way and make poor choices. Girls are especially vulnerable. So much television, magazine, and social media coverage is focused on what society believes is acceptable when it comes to clothes, hair style, weight, and even in choosing friends. This is detrimental to impressionable youth and can destroy their positive self-image. Lauren M. Galley is on a mission to change that!" Stacie Theis of BeachBoundBooks
Girls Above Society - Steps to Success: An Empowerment Guide written by Lauren Galley. This Award Winning Teen Mentor, Author and President of Girls Above Society takes tween and teen girls on a journey to finding their confidence & girl power. Growing up in today's media driven society puts many pressures on young girls as they are discovering themselves. Making good decisions as well as maintaining positive morals and values can be a challenge as they are tugged in many directions from media such as television, media print, and celebrities. Lauren gives young girls a guide to live by as they grow into young adults. This is a must read for all tween and teen girls as well as their parents. Lauren's insight, dedication and courage inspires us all to have a little Girl Power! For A Limited Edition Signed Copy visit
Penelope Pint
The Magic of Girl Power
GIRL POWER... Is it magical or real? Penelope Pint is the launch of an exciting and beautifully illustrated new empowerment story every young girl can relate to. It's a new school year, and Penelope Pint finds herself thrust into a new school, where she embarks on a journey of finding confidence and self-worth with girls who are taller, meaner, and already popular. Penelope's fluffy puppy, Gracie, helps her discover the magic and importance of finding her inner Girl Power. After being rejected from the popular group of girls at school, Penelope kicks her Girl Power into high gear as she surprises the mean girls and teaches them a lesson or two about kindness. Author and President of Girls Above Society, Lauren Galley, recalls her bullying experience and introduces a new kind of hero who epitomizes the challenges today's girls are facing. As Penelope discovers her self-worth and confidence, she inspires all girls to empower each other instead of tearing each other down.
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