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The BFF Breakup

Are you feeling the “cold shoulder” exclusion from friends you hung out with over the summer? Has a friend attached herself to a new group of girls? You are definitely not alone. Unfortunately this phase happens as we start a new grade or attend a new school. Friendships go through a rollercoaster of change and even thought it’s normal, girls can get through the tough moments but more importantly understand what’s really going on. Here’s my take on this crazy whirlwind of friendships.

I can practically guarantee you that it’s not your fault! The beginning months of a new school year can be exciting. New teachers, new friends and sometimes a brand new school. It’s pretty easy to get caught up in wanting to be liked, accepted and finding yourself in classes with brand new girls you never met before. So, it seems super logical to strike up a conversation and next thing you know, you’re connecting outside school. In the midst of all the new, sometimes we tend to lose sight of the loyal bff’s we confided in all summer.

Between school, after school activities, homework and chores, we lost thoughtful time to check in and be a good friend.


Talk it out and share how you’re feeling. This is one way to get answers and stop stressing over “Is she a friend?” or “She hates me.” or “What did I do?” Convos are super effective. You’ll know where you stand and either move on or make the friendship work. It’s that easy. Talking it out also keeps drama from spreading because you’ll want to vent to your other friends about how you feel you're being treated. Nix the drama - It’s wasted time and not worth it!

I have personally felt this way and will admit it stinks, BUT it did give me a great perspective on what friendships truly mean. I learned that I too have to be a good friend and reach out to those that are important to me. Great friendships are never one-sided.

You will have lots of acquaintances but the number of REAL friends you have may be smaller than you think. Do not worry - this is OK! Quality over quantity every time!!

Now, stop worrying. Have those important convos and be a Girl Above Society, aka, a great friend who lifts up her BFF's!


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