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Should I QUIT?

Quitting… Could this action be under rated? As girls, we face a lot of pressures and social media is awesome at reminding us to never give up, never quit, be the best, tough it out, push through etc… In many cases, these phrases can help us reach goals we never thought possible BUT what happens when we see a situation through a different lens than those around us? We become afraid of being a quitter because quitting has been labeled a negative mindset.

I’m going to disrupt the universe for a moment and tell you why quitting can be the best choice you will ever make!


You tried out for the soccer team because your BFF plays and she thought it would be fun to experience the sport together. You both make the team and soon after practices begin you realize you’re just not into soccer and you are definitely not enjoying this particular sport. All sorts of feelings begin to flow and while you don’t want to disappoint your BFF or your parents (especially if they believe the sport is for you) you’re dreading practice days and going through the motions to please others. Current state of mind… you feel stressed and unfulfilled.

During GIRL TALK and Girl Power Experiences we often discuss pressures that surround how we feel about quitting. When girls decide to vocalize their desire to quit, these are some of the responses and barriers that frustrate them.

“Don’t give up, just give it some time. You’ll be great at soccer in no time.”

“Being a quitter never solved anything.”

“You don’t know if you like something unless you stick with it.”

“I paid money for this. You will finish.”

"If I quit, I'll be labeled a loser."

Sound familiar? You’re not alone! Quitting is powerful and when done for the right reasons it can build confidence and self-worth. After all, handling situations that arise in a healthy way = epic Girl Power!

TRYING new things provides a barometer that helps shape who we are. Some of us are artistic and some are athletic and some are academic. Some of us are all these things combined! The journey towards finding hobbies, friends and one day careers all starts with trying. Trying doesn’t mean forever but when everything aligns, trying can also lead to passion and fulfillment. I don’t believe there is one human on this planet that hasn’t tried something, didn’t like it and quit. How we go about quitting is super important and to make things easier, I’ve created a fun survey that will help you decide if quitting makes sense in your situation.

Download PDF • 1.04MB

TALK IT OUT! If quitting is indeed the best choice for you, talk it out with those who might be affected by your decision. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents! Be prepared to discuss your feelings that have lead to this moment.

WARNING*** When the choice of quitting becomes a pattern and your actions deem you a part of a team that is not dependable, or laziness you can't explain (especially if you mostly enjoy the activity) it's time to reassess and determine what is really going on internally. Oftentimes our self-esteem level can affect our ability to try because we're afraid of how our image is seen by our peers.

“I QUIT.” comes with valuable lessons. I have personally made the choice to quit along my journey and I can happily say that my decision helped me navigate future tough choices. I also learned the power of trying even though ultimately I decided to quit. I also learned about myself and the importance of authenticity. When we are fulfilled, self-love grows and self-esteem builds up some pretty epic girl power!

XOXO ~ Lauren


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