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The first time you step back into your school hallways, whether it’s a new school or old familiar school, anticipating those moments can make us feel a little anxious. Don’t worry. Lots of girls just like you are feeling those butterflies and I’m here to help ease you back into school with a new perspective and maybe a bonus boost of confidence.

Here’s the REAL Truth…

You are NOT alone. Your peers, some you call friends and some you haven’t met yet are going through the scenarios in their mind of how the 1st day will play out. No need to take notes (technically school’s not in session yet..) because I’m sharing all the details below.


It's super normal to worry about appearance, but before we get out of control, let’s keep a positive perspective. It's a fact, our bodies change and you might be experiencing acne for the first time or body development. The timing of these changes are different for all of us. Don’t forget, your friends are going through similar things. My best advice - Wear clothes that fit your style, not someone else’s. In all honesty, the biggest part of your “style” comes from the inside first! I say this all the time but don’t be afraid to have real convos with your friends/family about how you feel. I know for me, it’s been eye opening and reassuring to know I’m not alone.


When it comes to the social scene, making new friends is one of the biggest worries. Some of your friends may be in different classes or even different schools. It’s important to have a friend group but don’t lean towards just any group, be picky! Hanging out with popular girls can seem cool, but at what cost. Are these girls popular because they have a good social image or are they mean? It’s very normal to drift apart from old friends and create new friendships. Friendship evolution can come with some stress but only if you allow it. MEAN STINKS - Be nice to everyone regardless of rumors that float the hallways. You never know the whole story and gossip is the toxic talk that fuels even more hate. Taking the high road is not only good for yourself, it creates positive change that others see as well. Choose friends who are authentic, kind and supportive. Making friends might not happen on the first day…give it time. You’ll be glad you did! Remember: You don’t have to be part of the drama…you can choose to be part of the change for good.


Lunch is that much needed break from classes. If you’re like me, you look forward to eating, having some down time and hanging out with friends. Day 1 can be a little stressful as you may be wondering if you’ll see anyone you know to sit with. Some schools have assigned lunch seating. This definitely takes away the worries about who to sit with and it also gives you the chance to make some new friends. If your school has open seating and you find yourself feeling alone on day one, do not panic. Scan the lunchroom. If you don’t see anyone you know, ask another group if you can sit with them (It’s not as scary as you think!) or ask someone who is sitting alone! If you just want to sit alone, that’s awesome too! You can always busy yourself with a book while you’re eating lunch. Now that I’m older and look back, lunch is lunch - don’t stress too hard. No one remembers who you sit with. Mix it up and sit with different friends. You’ll be glad you did.

The 1st day of school marks a new beginning. You have the opportunity to start the school year with confidence and positivity. Use your strength to stay true to yourself regardless of what peers or social media has to say. Don’t get hung up on the details and remember that the school hallways never define you…That’s all up to YOU!

Have a beautiful 1st day of school ~ XOXO Lauren


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