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A journal published in Science (Gender Stereotypes about intellectual ability emerge early and influence children’s interests) reveals

At age 5, children seemed not to differentiate between boys and girls in expectations of “really, really smart”—childhood's version of adult brilliance. But by age 6, girls were prepared to lump more boys into the “really, really smart” category and to steer themselves away from games intended for the “really, really smart.”

The results suggest that children’s ideas about brilliance exhibit rapid changes over the period from ages 5 to 7. At 5, boys and girls associated brilliance with their own gender to a similar extent. Despite this strong tendency to view one’s gender in a positive light, girls aged 6 and 7 were significantly less likely than boys to associate brilliance with their own gender. Thus, it is important to investigate the acquisition of the “brilliance = males” stereotype in early childhood, as children enter school and begin to make choices that shape their future career paths.

Nevertheless, the present results suggest a sobering conclusion: Many children assimilate the idea that brilliance is a male quality at a young age. This stereotype begins to shape children’s interests as soon as it is acquired and is thus likely to narrow the range of careers they will one day contemplate.

Being SMART doesn’t mean you must be the loudest, most popular or talented OR that boys only dominate when it comes to being smart. Smart implies one has the ability to adapt to different conditions and situations swiftly and quickly. Smartness cannot be measured whereas, intelligence can be measured by conducting an IQ test.

Confidence gives girls the courage to try new things, take leadership positions and stand up for themselves amid the pressures of today’s media driven society. These learned skills can contribute towards girls feeling very very smart.

How can girls learn the “smart” skills?

Read like your life depends on it!

Read about something that interests you. Learn something new!

Reading is one of the best traits to learn in life. Knowledge is power!

Try something new.

It’s OK if it doesn’t work out. The key is to keep on trying.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together!

Make good choices in who you hang out with. Learning from others is pretty awesome!

Play Games!

Games that boost your brain!

Scrabble, Chess & Checkers are great choices!

Learn Music or a Foreign Language

Keep Active

AKA - Get off the couch!


to start putting the skills in motion and develop a habit of feeling very very smart! Now is the time to start recognizing examples of other women who are also really, really smart. Now is the time for all girls to recognize the power of self worth and trust in themselves. Reminder: Smart leaders are not easily swayed by peer pressure.


xo Lauren


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