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Do you ever feel like the piles of homework (some we don't even understand), two tests coming up in the same week, drama with friends, extracurricular activities such as sports, cheer, dance, etc., and chores at home seem like just too much? The good news is you are not alone and the bad news is stress, well, it's here to stay unless we send it away and learn to keep it away for good.

Sometimes life can seem like a dinosaur sitting on your head! Everything can seem too difficult and at any moment the tears might start flowing. It's OK to feel this way sometimes but super important that we tackle what seems the impossible with some major Girl Power.

SLEEP - You might think this is crazy but a really good night's sleep is SO important. If you scroll on social media before you go to bed, make a new habit to stop. Screen time right before you head off to dreamland can be very disruptive and contribute to your stress. It's a hard habit to break, but once you do, you'll be so thankful and begin to wake up extra refreshed to tackle the day ahead of you. If you just can’t stop scrolling (I know, I get it), try ordering some blue light blocking glasses. They help protect your eyes from screens and plus they look super cute! Those little things that seemed super stressful will begin to seem quite insignificant after all. Tip: Put together a positive playlist and let that be your ticket to sweet dreams.

TALK IT OUT - I am always amazed at the new perspective when I talk it out. Choose a trusted BFF, parent, teacher, sibling, even your pet! It is never lame to talk about how you are feeling. Talking things through can really give us a clearer look at life and it helps us just get all our feelings out. Saying things out loud often sounds a lot different than what we keep bottled up in our head. Tip: If you love writing, this is another way to get those feelings out and organized. I've looked back and thought geez, how did I let myself get so stressed.

FUN - Make time for fun! Life needs balance. Think of a seesaw. If one person sits down and no one is on the other end what happens? The person sitting down falls to the ground. If someone is on the other end, you bounce a little and balance out. Take some time out just for you every day. Find a time that's quiet and do something fun. If you enjoy writing, do it! Play your fave song and sing or take a bubble bath. Whatever you enjoy, take 20 minutes and just do it. Scrolling through social media doesn't count! Bonus points if your fun activity involves exercise - it’s great for your body AND mind. Win win!

ONE THING AT A TIME - Juggling is not easy! I've tried it with lemons and completely failed. Make a list of things that need to be done and put them in order of importance. Think of it like Thanksgiving dinner. You've got your main dish, some sides, salad and maybe even some bread and dessert. Once you've got your tasks organized, start at the top and keep going down until you get to dessert. Then treat yourself because you've completed your list with as little stress as possible. Tip: A planner was my lifesaver in school. It kept me organized instead of trying to remember a million things in my head. THAT is stressful!! XOXO Lauren


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