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Are You The REAL YOU?

To be authentic, we must be brave enough to realize that we are imperfect and that's 100% normal! Authenticity allows us to believe that we are worthy of acceptance just as we are. I've learned that there is a ton of Girl Power and grace involved in our lives when being authentic becomes the norm. This self-love journey is just that...a road that despite the twists and roadblocks, we rise not only for ourselves but we sprinkle that magic with everyone we meet. The courage to be YOU despite everything we see in the media that tells us otherwise is a challenge worth exploring!

Have you ever been in a situation where you get that feeling that something is not right? We all have at one time or another and believe it or not we can use those experiences to gain more confidence and avoid awkward situations.

Whether being together with a group of friends (maybe some you don’t normally hang out with) or hanging out one on one with a friend, you will experience times that you find yourself behaving differently than you would normally. Trying too hard to fit in and be liked is exhausting, and if we’re not careful we can easily sink into becoming someone else for the sake of those we surround ourselves with.

Being confident enough to be YOU is incredibly important and empowering! This amazing ability will give you the Girl Power to make good choices, surround yourself with like minded friends and trust me, losing the stress of feeling like you have to act or look a certain way is totally worth celebrating!!

Take my “Are You Being the REAL YOU?” quiz and launch yourself to becoming the very best REAL version of YOU!

OK, now you know what stage your authentic self is currently situated. The construction of loving who you are and celebrating our unique qualities is much like a building project. The foundation has to be laid and the walls must be able to withstand the elements much like we face in life. Whether you are a "Second Chance Girl", "The REAL Deal", or if your current status is "You're SO close!" and "You Got This" KEEP BUILDING! Authenticity is an ever evolving journey, not a one time destination. Always remember, B is for Beginning!! xoxo Lauren


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