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GIRL POWER CAMP empowers elementary and middle school girls with the tools and skills needed to become confident, kind and cyber smart. High impact signature "GIRL TALK" sessions, group activities, leadership challenges and insightful discussions place focus on the pressures and issues of today's young girl. Subjects included are positive body image, dealing with gossip & drama, the real deal on friendships, finding your sparkle and maintaining a positive role model image on social media.  


Imagine a full day of empowerment that becomes instrumental 

Each packed with Girls Above Society's signature GIRL TALK's that incorporate confidence, empathy, cyber citizenship and friendship empowerment that arms girls with a positive mindset as they head back to school. 

Camps are conducted throughout the summer months. 


"Elementary and Middle School can be tough! I believe in girls learning to appreciate one another and building each other up by being confident in who they are, and kind and compassionate to others, instead of tearing each other down. I know first hand how important it is for us girls to feel good about being our most authentic self."  Empowering girls to know and understand their self-worth is crucial, especially with the tough pressures of today's media driven society." ~ Lauren Galley





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