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When girls are confident and know their self-worth, they can better navigate the tough pressures of today's media driven society. 
GIRLS ABOVE SOCIETY is a 501(c)3 organization empowering girls to lead with confidence and transform negativity into self-worth within a peer-to-peer safe space and starting the face-to-face conversations about the pressures girls face in today's society. Girls are tethered 24/7 to a media that shapes girls and we work every day to ensure girls gain the tools of empowerment that allows them to blaze their own unique trail of greatness online and in person that inspires others.  

We are starting a new revolution of Girl Power.
Changing the way girls see themselves, others and the world. Giving girls the tools to create a unique voice, and the mindset that ideas can turn into possibilities. We are giving girls the power to create something bigger than themselves, creating a new revolution of strong, healthy and cyber educated girls one generation at a time.

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Turning self-doubt into confidence & a new sense of self-worth
At GIRLS ABOVE SOCIETY we've connected hundreds of thousands of girls from all over the world  to use their unique voice to represent themselves in a confident manner while pushing aside the bullying and negativity girls can face. Our outreach in schools, organizations, conferences and influential supporters have enabled us to reach over 1 million girls. 

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Addressing the emotional well being of girls.

Our online community give girls a positive online safe space to learn more about mentors, confidence, and empowerment that is relatable, uplifting and current; allowing girls to ask questions, gain additional tools and resources promoting positivity and self-worth. 

POSITIVE SOCIAL MEDIA: Girls are influenced and define their self-worth based on social media, celebrities and power influencers.  We create, generate, and advocate various youth positive perspectives to inspire girls to reach beyond, lead, and become role models of their generation. 

EDUCATION: We put into practice the GIRL TALK Curriculum designed to give girls a navigational toolkit through tangible leadership tools and education that teach girls confidence, self-worth and positive cyber citizenship.

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A GIRL ABOVE SOCIETY is the best unique version of each of us.

She's all ages, ethnicities, classes, and religions. She's brave, confident, smart and she knows her self-worth. She's facing the tough pressures of today's media driven society but she's not about to be shaped easily by the media or her peers. She understand the journey isn't always easy but she seeks to become the genuine unique girls who empowers others, learns from mentors and blazes a trail like no other. 

She thinks before she speaks, types or texts. She's a girl who spreads positivity and leaves the negative drama behind. She leads with a positive digital footprint.

She chooses friends wisely and is a genuine friend who listens, supports and encourages. She's not afraid to step out of the "what's trending" box and do her own thing with pride.

She's not afraid to raise her hand in class, even if she's not sure of the answer. She's the girl who stands up for others and advocates with true intentions. 

A GIRL ABOVE SOCIETY is respectful.
She's a true role model for her peers. She shows respect through listening, understanding, empathy and a smart sense of judgement. She's not afraid to shake your hand and she possesses the manners a queen would be envious of. 


She takes her school work seriously and tries her best when it comes to studying and school work. She's a girl who makes positive choices even when it might not be the popular thing to do. She recognizes her mistakes, learns from them and doesn't dwell on the past. She moves forward with confidence and experience to better herself for the future.

A GIRL ABOVE SOCIETY leads by example.

She might not be first in line, but she's the go-to-girl that exudes positive qualities. She inspires others to go for their goals, be assertive but not too bossy, spreads kindness not hate and most of all she leads others to end the judgement and negativity while focussing on personal goals and dreams. 

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