LAUREN GALLEY-Trailblazer and GIRL POWER role model for girls everywhere.

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Lauren's message of confidence, self-esteem, and empowerment gives young girls enough Girl Power to rule the world. She's relatable and the tormented bullying she experienced in her middles school years gives her the insight of what teen girls are facing as they struggle through the pressures of today's media driven society. Being an actress and model, Lauren can give first hand expertise into a world that many young girls aspire to live in one day. 


Lauren understands what it feels like to form and discover your identity and purpose. She has learned that life’s pressures can be won, armed with Girl Power and an optimistic attitude. Sharing her struggles, Lauren encourages girls to view their lives through a new lens. She is inspiring, confident and a true trailblazer of the millenial generation.



Topics Covered Include…

  • Making Positive Choices

  • Choosing The “Right” Friends

  • Peer Pressure

  • #MeanStinks

  • Striving To Be YOUR Best

  • Benefits of a Positive Attitude

  • The Importance of Good Role Models




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