The NO BULL Challenge is a leadership and social action organization that inspires teens and young adults from around the world to say NO BULL, by taking a stand against all things HATEFUL, through taking a leadership role and leveraging the power of filmmaking.


NO BULL provides the framework and motivation to develop powerful short films and public service announcements that spark dialogue and deliver positive messaging around subjects such as bullying, violence, drug and alcohol abuse, inequality, suicide, Internet addiction, LGBT and Obesity, which are all critical issues that students face every day.


Through digital and social media, we provide students the platform, incentives, and tools to create a global network for peer-to-peer activation.  


Why?  Because change starts at the student level. 


By addressing the YouTube generation through visual and social media, created for and by them, the message is heard, shared and most importantly, received in ways that affect real change.


Nominated and winning filmmakers are recognized in their school and community which includes the opportunity to host their very own Film Festival or Video Awards Celebration.


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YouTube Space - Los Angeles

I was honored to be a presenter at the 2015 NOBULL TVA's held at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, CA. #NOBULLnation is all about empowering youth to be kind in person and online. 

There are a number of effects that come with teenage bullying. First of all, there are the obvious physical problems and injuries that can result from physical bullying. However, emotional, verbal and cyber bullying can deeply affect teens as well. These activities can lead to depression (and even suicide), drug use and stunted social development. These are problems that can affect a person well into adulthood. I was bullied and I can still see those hateful words that were written for everyone to see. I was lucky. I had the support to overcome the traumatic effects of being cyber-bullied. I love being a part of the NOBULL Organization to further bring awareness to starting a new revolution that gives youth the confidence and empowerment to overcome the hate and promote positivity and kindness throughout generations to come. Thank you to Scott Hannah and Tyler Gregory (The NOBULL Guys) for bringing me along this epic journey. 

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