Communication between girls around the world used to be quite a challenge. Thanks to technology and social media, I am able to make a difference with young girls who are in remote locations where many do not have the resources to engage outside their community. I have teamed up with Monica Murphy to PenPal with a group of "Superstar" girls from Ghana, Africa. Monica is teaching these amazing girls and I have to admit they are true "Superstars." Girls need great positive mentors & i couldn't have picked better pen pal partners than Cloie & Elizabeth, two amazing role models and panelists on my vimeo channel "The Lauren Galley Show." They agreed to be a part of this empowerment project and I couldn't be more thrilled to take this journey with them. Get ready to be inspired as you read our conversations and see how no matter the miles apart, all tween and teen girls are facing the same pressures that we can all relate to.  Here's to GIRL POWER ~ XOXO

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